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Performance classes rules, to be translated


NEW ! Due to several requests, we propose leading rein classes at the international show.

There are also agilty classes (TACS) which are ridden and in hand.

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In-hand classes rules

Download the rules

Classes list

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Health and sanitary rules

For ponies whose owners come from a country other than France:


Ponies brought into France less than 30 days are not obliged to have a transpondeur, but should be identified with an equivalent. The do not have to be registered with SIRE (French database). They must be accompanied by a health and sanitary certificate.


Owners from european member states and Switzerland must present a health certificate dating less than 10 days.


This delay is prolonged to 90 days for ponies coming from Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg (memorandum 2017) and also poneys coming from Great Britain and Ireland (tripartite treaty, pending regulations for Great Britain under post Brexit).


If the time spent on french soil depasses 10 days (or 90 days depending on each case) a new health certificate should be applied for by an official vet. (List supplied).


The ponies present should be in good health and not present any contagious illnesses. Vaccinations for equine influenza are requested for all ponies taking part in the show. The first two injections must be done at least one week before the show.


The person in charge of the ponies transport must adhere to livestock transport regulations, in particular:

The ponies transported are fit to do so.

The vehicle is suitable and caters for the well being of the ponies.